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Our Medical Facilities

Hospital Punta Pacifica is fully accredited by Johns Hopkins University International. It is by far the most technologically advanced facility in Panama, and some say it challenges any institute on an International level as well. This dream medical facility was the idea of a group of Panamanian physicians and specialists. These dedicated professionals want to create a world-class digital hospital to bring the highest standard of health care to the region.

The Hospital Punta Pacifica is located in the prominent Punta Pacifica district of Panama City. It's ideally situated along the Pacific Ocean where it is close to prominent hotels, fabulous restaurants, convention centers and the shopping district. It is only 15 minutes from Tocumen International Airport. This wonderful location makes the many interesting attractions, historical sites, theaters, canals and shopping accessible for patients and their families.
About Our Partnership
Under the original affiliation agreement signed in 2001, Johns Hopkins Medicine International provides services including:
  • Preparation for Joint Commission International accreditation
  • Review of hospital architectural design
  • Educational observerships at The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Infectious disease/infection control workshops
  • Evaluation and selection of imaging equipment
  • On-site specialty lectures for physicians

In 2008, Hospital Punta Pacífica entered into a full-scale management agreement with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, which provides in addition:
  • Management team (including chief executive officer and director of operations) for day-to-day operations management and oversight

Future programs include:
  • Development of specialty clinical programs
  • Development of knowledge transfer and education product lines
  • Development of community outreach programs and charity campaigns
"The decision to expand our agreement with Johns Hopkins Medicine International stems from our goal to guarantee higher standards of health care to the people of Panama. Our aims include earning Joint Commission International accreditation and putting in place quality control assurance processes. We are confident that the new management team, guided by Johns Hopkins’ expertise, will help us achieve our mission to deliver the best care in the region."

– Camilo Alleyne, M.D., chairman, Hospital Punta Pacífica board of directors

The Punta Pacifica Hospital offers modern facilities, including 52 private rooms and 11 suites and 1 presidential suite, specially designed to provide an environment that invites relaxation, to achieve a rapid and effective recovery. For the patient requiring observation round-the-clock, there are 8 private intensive care rooms and 3 private semi-intensive care rooms. In addition, there is a delivery room equipped with the necessary to strengthen the relationship mother-infant and intelligent operating theatres suitable for different levels of complexity such as outpatient, orthopedics, cardiac surgery, thoracic, aesthetics, bariatric and laparoscopic procedures.

The clinical laboratory is equipped for highly sophisticated tests, making easier the acquisition of accurate diagnoses in due course.

The Department of Radiology offers an unparalleled digital technology. These include the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); Angiograph, for hemodynamic procedures with the advanced fiat technology, panel in 3 dimensions; nuclear medicine team for scintillography, with 2 monitors and the sophisticated volumetric computerized tomography with 64 cuts, which apart from being an excellent tool to detect heart failures, counts with special functions of fluoroscopy and virtual colonoscopy. In addition, it has equipment for bone densitometry, used mainly to prevent diseases common in women.

Complementary services include multicultural facilities, such as the international patient care section, where assistance in several languages is provide, as well as the necessary guidance to plan your trip and that of your family.
Hospital Punta Pacifica offers:
  • 52 private rooms and 12 suites. These rooms are specifically designed to provide patients comfort and after care treatment in a relaxed atmosphere
  • 8 private rooms for intensive care and critical care patients
  • 3 beds for semi-intensive care patients
  • 2 hemodialysis treatment units
  • 1 isolation room
  • 8 cradles for neonatal critical therapy
  • Neonatology ward for up to 20 newborns
  • 4 intelligent operating rooms
  • 2 childbirth operating rooms
  • 3 labor and delivery rooms
  • Recovery room
operating room staff
Hospital Punta Pacifica also includes:
  • Patient rooms comparable to hotel rooms
  • Superb medical equipment such as portable x-ray screens
  • Intelligent operating rooms
  • Digital communications like virtual doctor and mobile teleconferencing
  • Centers of excellence in diverse areas
  • Specialized medical equipment at the leading technological edge, mainly in the areas of radiology, anesthesia, surgery, intelligent operating room, obstetrics

The outpatient consultants are just one of the major benefits of coming to Hospital Punta Pacifica. The hospital personnel offer exceptional nurse to patient ratios.
  • A 1 to 2 nurse to patient ratio in the general procedural ward
  • A 1.5 to 1 nurse to patient ratio in the ICU ward