Discover a new you in paradise.

The Medical Travel Process

When you have decided to be a medical tourist with The Parris Center!

Contact Medical Tourism Panama, The Parris Center, for further information and booking a travel surgery date. All medical questions will be forwarded directly to the specialist working on your case and their exact responses forwarded to you, the patient, in return.

Depending on your doctor and the type of surgery, you will be asked to:
  • Send your medical questioner filled out.
  • Complete History and Physical.
  • For cosmetic procedures please take photographs of the region of your body that you would like to have enhanced.
  • For dental procedures we need your dental images or your physician’s evaluation.
  • This ensures that there are no surprises upon your arrival.

Logistically, you will be in contact with The Parris Center to coordinate your travel itinerary including:
  • Travel plans
  • Personal transportation requirements
  • Medical Appointments.
  • Tours and activities.
  • Lodging and, etc.
Your doctor will be consulted before a final plan is booked.
Payment for the package will be paid to Parris Center.
A confirmation is sent via email or regular mail (your preference) and a phone call is made to you a week before your trip to reconfirm your travel arrangements. Upon arrival one of our team experts will be waiting with a smile at the airport to begin your medical tourist adventure with you!

Hospital Punta Pacifica
Panamanian Medical Clinic

Hospital Punta Pacifica is the first in Latin America and the Caribbean to be affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.  Doctors and surgeons are leaders in their respective specialties, the facilities are world class and it provides medical solutions at affordable prices, only comparable to what a patient would receive in the United States or Europe.

In order to offer the best service to national and international patients, Hospital Punta Pacifica has negotiated special packages  with the most prestigious insurance companies worldwide, such as World Access, Alianz Worldwide Care, International Health Insurance (Danmark), MEDEX Assistance, Specialty Risk, International Medical Group, HTH Worldwide, Aetna Global Benefits, International SOS, Blue Cross & Blue Shield International, and Travel Guard International.
This modern medical complex emerged from the ideals and hopes of a group of prominent Panamanian physicians, whom associated to renowned businessmen, sought to provide Panama, Latin America, and the world, of a hospital that offers the highest standards of quality care, safety, and technology, with a system supported by one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, John Hopkins Medicine International.  Likewise, it selected Hospital Punta Pacifica to promote its philosophy and to share its advances with doctors and patients across the region.

During the preparation stage, the team of professionals and technicians of John Hopkins have accompanied during each step, from the architectural drawings to the design and development of protocols and medical procedures passing through the design of a robust security and Quality Assurance plans, and the selection of the latest technology and equipments.

The tools and controls to ensure the patient safety, are present in all those indicators that sometimes are invisible, and are really enforced in very few hospitals such as, constants air changes, laminar flow cameras, positive and negative pressure depending on the flow therapy requirements, that ensure the correct application of intravenous medication, among others; which helps to greatly reduce the risks of nosocomial infections, thus preserving the patient safety.

With the affiliation, Hospital Punta is qualified for certification by the Joint Commission International, making it one of the first hospitals in the region suitable to obtain such a prestigious recognition.  At the same time, the great honor of being affiliated with the best hospital in the United States is a great challenge to be overcome day after day, thanks to the deep commitment level of the human resource, and the high technology that complement the services.  The continual educations of the staff, as well as a program of permanent actualization of the equipment, are key to maintaining this Hospital Complex of Excellence updated in the last advances in medical technology.