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Hospital Punta Pacifica, the only hospital in Latin America managed by the world renowned Johns Hopkins. The affiliation between Hospital Punta Pacifica and Johns Hopkins exists to ensure that you and your loved ones get the best healthcare at the highest level of professionalism for patient care while at our facility.
A company's top executives must be healthy to be effective. The Executive Health Program offers an efficient, cost-effective way to maximize a leader's health and reduce the chance of long-term leave related to disability, illness or health concerns.

Many patients have been diagnosed with a previously unreported condition following a comprehensive exam.

The Executive Health Program blends traditional diagnostic expertise with the latest in preventive medicine. Your evaluation is individualized according to your personal health needs and is strictly confidential. One physician, a specialist in internal and preventive medicine, will coordinate your care.

The physicians who staff the Executive Health Program have significant experience in interpreting test results and consulting with busy executives to ensure a thorough, comprehensive and efficient examination.
Aesthetic plastic surgery involves techniques intended for the "enhancement" of appearance through surgical and medical techniques, and is specifically concerned with maintaining normal appearance, restoring it, or enhancing it beyond the average level toward some aesthetic ideal.

Some of the procedures we offer include: Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, and Male Breast Reduction.

Have you always wanted a new bright and confident smile. Cosmetic dentistry offers you the chance to obtain the smile you have always desired. We offer a full spectrum of Dental Procedures including teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants and much more. Give you smile a makeover.

Overweight and obesity are rising medical problems of pandemic proportions. There are many detrimental health effects of obesity: Specifically, individuals with a Body Mass Index or BMI exceeding a healthy range have a much greater risk of a wide range of medical issues. These include heart disease, diabetes, many types of cancer, asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic musculoskeletal problems, etc. There is also a clear effect of obesity on mortality.

People may find it difficult to lose weight on their own. Indeed, it is common for dieters to have tried a variety of fad diets only to find that they return to their original weight or potentially see a weight gain after a period of time.

Although diet, exercise, behavior therapy and anti-obesity drugs are first-line treatment, medical therapy for severe obesity has limited short-term success and almost nonexistent long-term success. Weight loss surgery generally results in greater weight loss than conventional treatment, and leads to improvements in quality of life and obesity related diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. The combination of approaches used may be tailored to each individual patient
Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is a general term referring to methods used to achieve pregnancy by artificial or partially artificial means. It is reproductive technology used primarily in infertility treatments.

Dr. Mario G. Vega Rich's Reproductive Clinic offers a complete array of fertility treatments.